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‘’Everyone is telling me that I should trim my hair every 2 to 3 months to get rid of split ends. But how can I retain length like that?’’

This is often the advice that people receive and follow, thinking it will resolve the subsisting issue.

When you trim your hair, few weeks after you notice more split ends appear and you feel like you have entered a never-ending cycle.

The result is that you end up cutting off your growth and your hair stays on a plateau.

Even after buying the expensive scissors hairdressers use, split ends still reappear.

And you can’t help wondering why.

You’ve come to realize that it is more than just trimming.

Let me share with you 11 tips to prevent split ends. I can assure you that if you are following at least half of those tips, you will notice a big change in the health of your hair and you will not have to worry about trimming your ends every 2 to 3 months.

Before jumping on the subject, let’s learn the causes of split ends. Once we know the cause of a disease it is easier to prevent it, isn’t it?

Cause of split ends

Split ends occur when your hair strands are damaged. Depending on the extent of the problem, you can tell you have split ends when your hair is frizzier than usual.

Check out the article from Wikkihow on how to Detect-Split-Ends.

Take time to you look at your hair closely; you will see that some of your stands are splitting up, fraying and others have knots at the end.

Well if you see nothing, then … you can still check out the list below to see what you have been doing right.

Having split ends is not a great look for your hair strands. The condition will keep on getting worse if not taking care of early.

That’s why it’s important to cut off small inches of hair frequently to get rid of splits ends and prevent it from getting worse. The trimming frequency depends on the health of your hair and not because some people decided to establish it as a rule.

‘’What if I don’t want to cut it?’’

Well, it can travel along your hair strands up to your scalp. That’s why it’s a good habit to look at your ends regularly to ensure you prevent any disaster.

There are numerous reasons why split ends happen:

Cause of split ends - OliahNaturals

Tips to prevent splits ends

1-Go Natural

Going natural is when you stop using chemical products like perms and let your natural textured grow out.

Natural hair can also be considered as hair that has no chemical treatments like bleach or hair colour.

All those chemical damages weaken the hair and drawn in damages among which we can quote split ends.

2-Avoid Heat

Putting heat to your hair weakens the hair strands and dries it out. All of that facilitates split ends to form.

If you experience a lot of split ends and you are a devoted hot tools user, try to reduce it the best you can.

I know it can be hard but I am sure you will find ways around it. For example, you can use the banding method to stretch your hair instead of using a blow dryer.

3-Don’t use a brush

The tighter your curls are, the more difficult it is to brush it. My curls are really tight so I know what I am talking about.

I have tried brushing my hair but it is really hard. So instead of using a brush, I use a wide tooth comb. It is even easier when I ladder my hair with conditioner.

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4- Reduce manipulation

I know if you want your hair to always be on fleek, this tip will be hard to follow.

Try to keep a hairstyle for a longer period to reduce the number of times you comb your hair. Pulling and stretching the hair weakens it and clearly, the results are splits of hair and breakage.

5- Microfiber towel

Instead of using a regular cotton towel, it’s advised to use a microfiber towel to minimize friction.

6- Trim with professional scissors

When you go at the hairdresser for a trim, you noticed they use hair shears. It is the most effective way to cut hair.

Do not use scissors made for paper cutting as it not sharp. That tool can do more damage to your hair than good, so invest in a good pair of scissors.

Also, it is best to trim on dry hair. When your hair is wet, you will not be able to efficiently differentiate your splits ends. You will get better results once your hair is dry.

7 – Shampoo your scalp

When you shampoo your hair, concentrate on your scalp only. The liquids will eventually go down the strands of your hair once rinsing it with water. From there, you can rinse your hair strand to remove any shampoo residue. If you notice that your hair is too dry after shampoo, try switching it with a mild one.

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8 – Heal from the inside

Eating a balanced diet will ensure that you build stronger hair strands so you will have fewer chances to experience split ends in the future. Drinking water is also a key component to healing from the inside. Your hair needs its proteins, vitamins and water to thrive.

9 – Be careful of hair accessories

We already talked about the benefit of using wide toothcomb and why brushing your hair may not be the healthiest option for your curly or kinky hair. Other hair accessories are likewise damaging to our hair:

  • Elastic bands with metal closures create knots on the metallic part and break the hair.
  • Rubber bands and Bobby pins.

10 – Nourish your hair strands

Moisturising your hair is the key to preventing your hair from being dry therefore to split. You need to nourish your hair from roots to tips. It is essential to show more love and care to the ends of our hair since they are the oldest. It is why they break so easily.

11 – Protect your ends

When protective styling, keep the ends of your ends tucked in. There are some great hairstyles that do not require a lot of manipulation. You can tweak them and make sure to hide your ends of hair the most possible. When your ends are out, they tend to become dry and if they are rubbing on your shoulder, the friction with your clothes can create knots and split ends.

Here is an infographic post with a list of all the given tips.

11 greates tips to prevent splits ends

Let us know if those tips have been helpful to you. Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Feel free

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