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The amazing benefits of Shea Butter

When I talk about a continent that has the world’s largest combination of density and range of freedom of wild animal populations; do you know which continent I am referring to?

Mama Africa, of course. Yes, it also has abundant natural resources and hosts a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures, and languages. According to scientific discoveries, Africa has the oldest known civilization.

I know what you are asking yourself right now. Did I land on a National Geographic blog post? Well, before I give you 25 benefits of Shea Butter, I had to introduce the marvelous continent where the Shea tree comes from. We have to acknowledge the existence of one of those amazing gifts that mama Africa is giving us. Shea nuts are one of the jewels of his bowels.

Shea Butter should be an emblem for black people for its significance and medicinal properties. You may think I exaggerate. If you do not agree with this statement, at the end of this post, you will. At least I hope (Wink face).

I hope by now you have heard about Shea Butter. If not, where have you been living. Seriously …

What is Shea butter you asked?

Shea butter is rich in active ingredients like fatty acid, vitamin A, D, E, C. It is a plant substance extracted from Shea fruit, a tropical tree growing in East, West, and Central Africa. Shea butter is a valuable active ingredient in cosmetics, especially for Skin and hair care. It is known for its moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties. It is particularly ideal in winter. It remains solid at room temperature.

If you are curious to know how to actually make Shea butter organically, check out the video below from Green People UK.


Ok, let’s get back to business.

Before starting listing all the surprising and amazing benefits that Shea butter has to offer, I’ll give you a quick disclaimer. So, you better not come and bite me on my bum bum.

It is for external use only, but you are welcome to try tasting it (I know some people can be stubborn.) I do not recommend it. Shea Butter is hypoallergenic meaning that it can cause fewer allergic reactions than other products. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is allergy-proof so if you have never tried it before, apply it on a small patch of skin before using it more generously.

Now that we have put this behind us, let’s explore together all the staggering benefits of my holy grail.


Solves Dry Skin issues

Imagine being in the desert right now. What best weapon do you have to save your skin from drying out? Ding Ding Ding Good answer!

Shea butter will moisturize the hell out that skin, no matter the season. December is not that far away. Winter is coming (brr brr)

Moisturizes the skin

Oh well, Shea butter is able to combat dryness because of its closer composition of our body fat. Don’t be scared to apply it all over your body as a body lotion. Make sure to get those elbows and knees. I do not want to see that achy skin in action.

Fights against wrinkles

Dryness and dehydration of the skin aggravate wrinkles. We already know that Shea butter is best known to help combat this, we might be onto something here, inspector Watson.

By using our loving butter, the elasticity and suppleness of the skin are maintained thanks to the increase of protein collagen production. Therefore, skin binds together easily.

Ok, I did not say that it is the fountain of youth but, maybe … just maybe Shea butter could be the cause for the saying “black don’t crack” (me with my pipe and detective’s hat on)

Reduces the chances of getting stretch marks

As we said, Shea butter helps with the elasticity and suppleness of the skin by increasing its protein collagen production. In other words, its moisturizing properties can prevent your skin to break apart and get stretch marks.

Sunscreen properties

Shea butter has sunscreen properties, but only of 6 SPF. However, it is not enough to run butt naked on the beach.  It can save you from a sunburn, but not necessarily from the worst side effects of sun rays on your skin like skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Reduces skin inflammation

If you had the misfortune to be burned, worry no more. Anoint yourself from Shea butter!! It can help reduce skin burning and soreness after sun exposure.

Itching skin

Another powerful gift of Shea Butter is the relief it gives from insect bites. It takes away the stinging pain of mosquito bites or honey bee stings. The scratching often worsens insect bites because it helps spread the poison to the surrounding tissues.

Thanks to the miracle product, it reduces the itching and soreness so you can continue to enjoy your camping under the stars.

Pain relief

To help against soreness, skin burning, stinging pains, we can say that it also has for function, pain relief.

Baby care (non-toxic)

As it is non-toxic (the unrefined raw Shea butter), it is great to use Shea butter on your baby skin. He will benefit from having soft and moist skin.

Hair moisturizer

When the butter is applied to the hair it fully coats the strands and works as a moisturized. It prevents the hair from drying out and becoming brittle and act as a barrier against harsh the climate (cold and hot from the sun)

Hair softener

By moisturizing the hair, it becomes more manageable and softer to the touch.

Massage oil for the scalp

It is beneficial for your scalp as it is fully nutritious. You can use it as a deep conditioner alone or by mixing it with other products. Do not forget to properly wash your scalp after as it may clog your pores. You want your head to breathe, trust me.

Combats frizz

Once the hair is moisturized and more manageable, the chances of your hair to be frizzy are reduced. It is elementary, my dear Watson!

Combat dandruff

Some people affirm that it helped them with their dandruff’s situation. Hmm, you tell me. Do you have a lot of dandruff? Try putting Shea Butter on your scalp and clean it after. Let us know in the comment section if this tip worked for you. You might help others in the same situation.

Longer shelf life

Who doesn’t want a product that can last a long long time?

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Others greats benefits of shea butter are :

  • Helps with skin rash
  • Skin peeling, after tanning
  • Works as shaving cream for a smooth silky shave.
  • Makes your skin and hair overall healthy
  • Frostbites
  • alleviate Eczema and dermatitis
  • Skin damage from heat (hot grease while cooking, radiation treatment for certain medical problems, etc.)
  • Skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak
  • Soften tough or rough skin (on feet or hand)

25 reasons use shea butter

The information provided here or elsewhere on this site is not intended to constitute professional medical advice for treatment. We encourage you to consult your personal physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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