Learn how to moisturize your hair daily

Is your hair dry most of the time? If this is a recurrent problem for you, then you have come to the right place. My hair was dry for a while and it thought the way it was supposed to feel. I was on a quest for a solution. After dying my hair blonde, its condition became worse. My hair was fragile and crispy looking. I needed to find a way to moisturize my hair. After getting into a regimen I saw great results. My hair was flourishing and started to regain its moisture back. Let me share with you some tips on how to effectively moisturize your natural hair daily.

Before jumping into the subject, let me introduce myself!

Welcome to my natural hair blog! My name is Miriam. In this platform, I want to share with you, valuable tips and information on what I have learned through my hair journey. I am still on the path of discovering innovative ways on how to care for my hair and maintain its health. I want to build a hair community blog where we learn from each other. The goal is to share information on hair, health and growth. The vision is to promote a community who embraces the kinky curly heritage.

Now that you’ve read this small introduction, let’s continue!

Most of us are a victim of dry hair or dry scalp condition. It can be a pain in the buttocks, I know. Learning how to moisturize our hair is a great path towards hair growth and besides, who wants to have a dry looking hair? We all want that juicy and luxurious hair. Mastering theses skills will make you appreciate your hair even more. After incorporating the tips mentioned bellow in your regimen, you will see benefits on the appearance and health of your hair. Bye bye crispy hair split ends and hello juicy hair.

First of all, we need to look at the source of the problem. How do you wash your hair? Do you often condition your hair? When was the last time you washed your hair? If your hair is filled with a lot of built up, you cannot really moisturize it because there is already a barrier that prevents moisturizer to penetrate your hair.

  • Pre-poo your hair

What is pre-poo, you asked? It is the step you should usually do before putting shampoo on your head. I was not doing it at the beginning of my natural hair journey but when I started doing it, I was not scared of shampooing my hair anymore. This step helps to moisturize my hair before cleaning it the natural oils are not all stripped away.

This option is recommended for those who suffer from severe dryness. You can do hot oil treatments or even simply ladder your hair with a choice of your favourite oil to prevent the shampoo to dry your hair out. My oil of choice is coconut oil but not everyone can tolerate it.

  • Clean your hair with shampoo

No reason to be scared of shampooing your hair. Yes, it dries out your hair but we need to start with a clean plate. You can pre-poo your hair with your oil of choice before you shampoo your hair. Choose the appropriate product for your scalp depending on your scalp condition (oily or dry). You should not shampoo your hair excessively. You are the best person to determine if your hair is dirty and has build up. Washing hair really varies between people to people. Some prefer doing it once a month, twice or even once a week. You know your hair best. When it starts to feel dirty, it’s the best time to clean that mess. Choose a product that has fewer chemicals with sulfate and paraben FREE. A perfect example of a natural shampoo is baking soda.

  • Consider co-wash

If you do not feel like washing your hair with shampoo, you can use the co-wash method. I like to co-wash my hair in between shampoo washes.

The moisturising function of the conditioner nourishes the hair and create definition. Once your hair is saturated with it, the detangling process becomes easier.

  • Deep condition your hair

Deep conditioning is also an important part of the natural hair care process. You can either purchase a deep conditioner product in store or make one your self-using your kitchen ingredients. What I love to do is to alternate both from time to time. I occasionally mix two brands of a product together for better results.

Everyone hair is different that is why you should listen to yours and find out what best suit its needs but do not break the bank while doing so. You know your hair treatment is working for you when your hair is more manageable, shiny and the curls are popping.

  • Use apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a hair rinse Keep your hair moisturize using apple cider vinegar

After a fresh wash, take a bowl of water and add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to it. Pour it on your hair but be careful of not getting the mixture into your eyes because it will sting. Gently massage it into your scalp too and slide your hands into your hair from roots to ends. It’s both beneficial for your hair and scalp “ (mostly for oily scalp)” The ACV ph is really close to our hair Ph, therefore, it helps our hair looks shiny and feel moisturized.


  • Seal in the moisture

There’s a well-known method in the hair community which is called the LOC method (Liquid, Oil and Cream.) Once again you should choose the best-suited products for you. It can happen through trial and error but don’t worry you will get there.. eventually. 🙂

Start with damp hair and work with sections. Water can act as the liquid if you wish. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner that has a watery consistency. Next step, add some oil to your section and to seal it with a thicker product like a cream or butter like Shea butter or black castor oil.

Once you are done with your section, repeat the process with another section until you complete your whole head of hair. Please remember not to use too much product or you’ll be feeling and looking a deep fried chicken.

  • More wateerr !!Increase your water intake to keep your hair moisturize

Our hair loves water and thrives on it, therefore you should increase your water intake, internally and externally so your hair looks and feel hydrated. It’s beneficial to feed your hair with water like it is for plants; plus, drinking water is also good for our health. Spray it into your hair every day like you water your favourite flower. You can even get a small spraying bottle and carry in your bag to do some touch up throughout the day.

Adding other ingredients to your spray water to increase the moisturizing power is never a bad idea. Example of some ingredients you can add: vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera, peppermint oil, lavender oil, small amount of your leave in conditioner. You do not need to add everything at once those are just suggestions. There are no real measurements to this mixture. Just look at it from this angle, water is like a soup and those little extra ingredients are the spices. So mix it up and let your hair taste it.

  • Do not forget about satin scarf/bonnet

Using satin to protect your hair at night will not only keep your hair hydrated but it will preserve you hairstyle. Cotton has the tendency to absorb fluids, so it is more than normal for your cotton pillow to suck all the moisture of your hair when you lay on it.

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Having dry hair can feel like a curse sometimes. Do no feel discourage! Following those tips on how to effectively moisturize your natural hair will be a game changer on your routine. Give it a try and tell me how your hair has improved its moisture retention.



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