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Black Queens and Kings, be careful the streets are not safe 

An incident happened a few days ago in Baltimore, Maryland to a young woman and her friend when going for a jog. They were sexually harassed and fat-shamed by a stranger who followed them a couple of blocks on their way home.  

They decided to go to a hotel thinking it was a safe place. Korey and her friend asked the front desk lady to lock the door. Even though, the door was locked, he wouldn’t leave. He then insisted by knocking on the window and shouting.

While waiting, frightened, a resident of the hotel asked “who let this monkey in?” and she also stated “he is probably the baby daddy”.

Korey said in a worrisome tone: “I’m frustrated. All the black women that are out there running, please protect yourself. Have some pepper spray, a taser, or run with a partner.” She also expressed her disappointment towards the police.

She didn’t feel protected once they came feeling that “people don’t care about black women, they don’t care about black women’s issues”

Twitter post of one of the victim:

On her social media, she added a video of the man that was assaulting them. You could see in the video that he was denied access to the hotel where they took refuge. He was agitated and angry. 
You are probably used to go to the gym in order to work out. But in this pandemic the gyms are currently closed and you still want to be able to stay in shape. You might have opted to run outside. Or you were already doing so before the pandemic.
It is definitely not a bad thing to go for a run outside. Cardio is a great way to burn calories. But, ladies be careful when doing so.
The streets are not always safe.  Unfortunately, there are predators, so we need to be cautious and be on our guard.  
Have you experienced anything like this? Share your story with us.