Happy couple post less about their love life on Social Media!

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In this era, where social media (SM) is a big part of many people’s daily life, we face some challenges on distinguishing real from fake. I am certainly not condemning SM, as it has its fair share of value. Thanks to social media, we are able to stay in [...]

Let’s fart our way into a long lasting relationship !

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I know what you may think while reading this title, that I am crazy? Writing about this topic made me laugh, because it is an awkward and funny subject at the same time. Still, why not write about it? Quick disclaimer, though: This is intended for those who have [...]

Separation is hard but the reunion has an exquisite taste

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Long-distance relationship Most of the people that I meet, tell me that they do not want any long distance relationship, as they believe it is doom to fail. It is indeed difficult for both partners to be apart for an extended period of time but I am one of [...]