I wanted to go to a hair salon and care for my natural hair. It was my first experience, actually. To tell you the truth, I was a little bit hesitant to go but I took my courage in both hands and I made an appointment with one of the reputable hair salons in Toronto. A friend of mine recommended UrbanCurls. I saw how beautiful and juicy her curls were after going there. That’s what convinced me to go.
When I was making a reservation over the phone, I asked for a simple wash and go and a protein treatment in order to revive my curls.

On my arrival, they asked me to fill in a form with some information including a little hair history and/or any allergies. I had the chance to be taken care by Keina, a head curl specialist with over 10 years of experience.


  • Shampoo hair twice ( second time with no poo shampoo)
  • Deep protein treatment
  • Comb hair and cut dead ends
  • Dryer (20 – 30 min)
  • Wash out the protein treatment
  • Add small amount of conditioner
  • Add gel section by section
  • Dryer

While she was washing my hair, she gave me some advice on how to properly care for it. I felt like she was pulling my hair too harsh at some point but that could be because I am tender headed. After shampooing my hair twice, to get rid of build up, she then puts the deep protein treatment and combs thoroughly.

Keina advised me that I needed a cut due to split ends. I accepted so she proceeded cutting my hair at an additional cost, of course. For the next step, I stayed in the dryer for about 30 min, I believe, to let the protein treatment do its magic. She washed it and added a small amount of conditioner that also acted as a leave-in. Keina applied the gel, section by section, in order to define my curls. Lastly, I had to stay in the dryer until my hair was fully dry.

Honest Critique 

I was happy with my results and kind of sad to let go of some inches of hair. The combing session was a little bit painful because at some point she used a small comb on my kinky hair. I am in love with the products she used on my hair. I did not buy them at the salon but she noted all the products she used on a piece of paper. The overall experience was pricey but worth it.

On their website, Urbancurls promises that their stylist are there to unlock your #curlsuccess. My final verdict would be to that they live up to their client expectations. My curls had never been so bouncy and moisturized.

Please check out the before and after picture:

Wash and go urbancurls salon experience
If you’ve been to Urbancurls hair salon in Toronto, comment below to share your experience.

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