Must have hair tools !! 

Imagine you have to travel somewhere; it is a last minute trip. You do not know if your destination has all the tools you need in order to take care of your hair. Don’t worry, the following list includes essentials tools every type of hair texture needs to prevent any hair crisis. We got you!


hair tools - hand

Finger detangling is the safest way to detangle your hair because you can feel the knots instantly and avoid a lot of breakages. There will be an article coming up regarding this technique. For those practising this method, they can testify the amazing result they got from it, like length retention. So do not forget to bring your hand wherever you go (wink).

Wide tooth comb

hair tools - wide tooth wooden comb

A comb is a great tool to style and detangle your hair. Some people prefer using combs since finger detangling is time-consuming. If you are a comb user, please choose one with wider teeth, section your hair and take your time in order to minimize breakage.

Satin Scarf,  bonnet or pillow

Tying your head with a satin scarf or putting on a satin bonnet before going to bed helps to keep the moisture in your hair and prevent friction. Some nights, it can happen that we forget to do so and having a satin pillow is a great back up. Pick the option that suits you best.

hair tools - Black satin pillow     hair tools - black satin scarf         hair tools - satin bonnet cap

Bobby pinshair tools - bobby pins

Anyone using these little handy tools knows how easy it is to lose or misplace them. That is why it is best to buy them in bulk or just watch out they may all disappear when you need them the most.

Spray bottles

hair tools - spray bottle

It is always reviving and rejuvenating to spray some H2O into your hair. Your hair will thank you if you vigorously nourish it with water daily like you would do to a plant. You can add to your water
some beneficial ingredients like aloe-Vera.

Hair clips

hair tools - black hair clip

Great tool for sectioning your hair, they are helpful when you want to either wash your hair or do a hairstyle. It makes life easier this way. It will make you less frustrated while handling your hair, trust me.

Hair tieshair tools - Black hair tie

Hair ties are like one of those amazing inventions that are literally lifesavers. They come in every shape, size and colour but you have to be careful not to choose the one with metal on it. It will pull out some hair strands, therefore, it is damaging to your hair.

Ready? Go! Now you are well equipped for your great adventure. Those hair tools are the must-have for every natural hair texture out there.

Do you think this list needs another item? Please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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