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ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR NATURAL: kinky and curly hair

Imagine you have to travel somewhere and it is a last-minute trip. You don’t know if your destination has all the tools you need to take care of your hair. Don’t worry, the following list includes all the essential tools every hair texture needs to prevent any hair crisis. 

Ok! If you’re a sedentary person, don’t think this list doesn’t apply to you. Not to worry, as this list is not just for adventurous. It also concerns those who want to go back natural. Thus, for them, it is essential to know all the tools they need to care for their kinks and curls.

Using this list you won’t have to scratch your head to find these tools. If you are currently in a beauty store and you want to know what tools are necessary for the wellbeing of your hair, or if you are like me and prefer shopping in the comfort of your own home, continue reading this article. We got you!

Are these problems like yours?

  • This year, did you make a resolution to go back natural and regain your curls?
  • It has been a while since you started your healthy journey to long hair but you are still confused about what your hair needs?
  • You want your hair to grow quickly but it is visibly not doing so?
  • You do not believe in the natural hair community anymore? Feeling discouraged by the mass of information and thinking of the amount of time you need to spend on the subject?
  • Do you want to give up because taking care of your natural hair becomes frustrating?

You would like to …

  • Know all the essential tools to take care of your hair.
  • Have clear answers on how to grow long and healthy natural hair.


1. Hand

Finger detangling is the safest way to detangle your hair as you can feel the knots instantly and avoid a lot of breakages. It forces you in a way to be more gentle with your hair. An article will be coming up regarding this technique and its benefits.

For those practicing this method, they can testify the amazing result they got from it, like length retention. So do not forget to bring your hand wherever you go (wink).

2. Wide-tooth comb

peigne grande dents pour cheveux naturels

The comb is a great tool for styling and detangling your hair. Some people prefer to use the comb as a detangling tool because the finger detangling method takes more time, unfortunately.

If you choose the comb, like most people, please choose one with large teeth. Section your hair before coming it and most importantly, take your time. 

3. Denman Brush

Denman brosse pour cheveux naturels

If you want to define your curls, the Denman brush is a great tool for that. Make sure your hair is a little damp and moisturized. You should also be gentle when using the Denman brush. Our hair demands love and gentleness. 

4. Satin scarf, bonnet, and pillow

silk scarf pour cheveux naturels Satin line cap bonnet pour cheveux naturels satin pillow pour cheveux naturels

Tie your head before going to bed with a satin scarf. If you don’t like using a scarf, you can put on a beanie or lie on the pillow with a silk pillowcase. All the options are there to protect your hair at night.  
Silk has several benefits for the hair and even for your skin. Thanks to this material, your hair can keep its moisture and avoid friction so you can sleep on both ears. I know it is hard to remember to tie your head at night. Hence, having a satin pillow is a good back-up. So choose the option that suits you best.

5. Bobby pins

bobby pins pour cheveux naturels

Anyone using these little handy tools knows how easy it is to lose or misplace them. That is why it is best to buy them in bulk or just watch out they may all disappear when you need them the most.

6. A spray bottle

Spray bottle pour cheveux naturels

It is always reviving and rejuvenating to spray some H2O into your hair. Your hair will thank you if you vigorously nourish it with water daily as you would do to a plant. You can add to your water some beneficial ingredients like aloe-Vera.

7. Hair clips

Butterfly clippers pour cheveux naturels

It is a great tool to divide your hair when you want to wash it or do a hairstyle. It makes life so much easier. You will be less frustrated when handling your hair, trust me.

8. Hair tie or scrunchies

Silk chouchou pour cheveux naturels

Hair ties are like one of those amazing inventions that are lifesavers. They come in every shape, size, and color but you have to be careful not to choose the one with metal on it as they are damaging to your hair. Or else, It will pull out some hair strands. 

Ready, go!!

Now you are well equipped for your great adventure. These tools are essential for all types of hair but specifically for our curly and kinky hair.  

Do you think this list requires another item? Feel free to leave us a comment below.