In this era, where social media (SM) is a big part of many people’s daily life, we face some challenges on distinguishing real from fake. I am certainly not condemning SM, as it has its fair share of value. Thanks to social media, we are able to stay in contact with friends and family, share special moments in our life, promote our business, expand our network, open our minds to new jobs possibilities and many more. See ? We all love it in some way or another.

Let’s step into the love birds circle. We all know a couple or two who take pleasure on bombarding our news feed with pictures, post and repost followed by #relationshipgoals. What we always notice is that, they only post happy/perfect moments. I know some of us may all be guilty of that: taking a bunch of pictures and posting only the best shot. Clearly, those post are not necessarily an indicator of how happy they might be. Why do you think, happy couples on the other hand post less about their relationship on Social Media ?

No need for external validation

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Some people like to post about their daily activities just to show off how happy and successful their relationship is. So that, when they get all these likes and comments it boosts their ego and they feel content. It could make them feel better but it is a feeling that will not last. Let’s think, about it will you ? Convincing others that you are happy, is it really happiness ? Are you using your partner to show to the world that you are loved and attractive? The appearance of the perfect life is only an illusion and seeking external validation, will do more harm than good.

Busy being happy

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Unless you are recording yourself 24 hours non stop, when you are having a blast, you are too focus on the present moment to think about taking a picture or a video in order to share it on SM. If you hear a joke you normally don’t stop to snap the joke. Are you trying to make your ex jealous by portraying an happy relationship? Or are you proving something to someone else ? The result being that if you are genuinely happy in your relationship you have nothing to prove to anyone. You enjoy spending real time with your significant other because every little moment counts

Keep arguments on private mode

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Have you ever heard of the saying “Don’t air your dirty linen in public”? Before washing machine, we used to wash our clothes by hand. It could be embarrassing to wash dirty laundry in front of the people who are just visiting. It’s the same thing about sharing your couple’s issues online, for any of your family member, friends or strangers to see. As a couple, you are more united and strong when you resolve your arguments in private. Of course when it gets out of hand and you need real advice, it’s better to go to a professional or to someone who is trustworthy. Sharing it on a post and ranting about your partner’s behaviour or actions has never done anyone any good. Plus you will look foolish in front of the world.

Nowadays, there are a lot of public couples that are starting youtube channels together or that are blogging about their life. In order to grow their channel and reach more people, it is expected of them to interact and post regularly about their life. Even if you are not a social media celebrity, it’s perfectly fine to share some awesome moments with your boo. You just have to reflect on the ulterior motive of your post, because being happy in your relationship shouldn’t make you search for external validation. It won’t matter what they think because you know you are happy without any exception.

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