My boyfriend is super tall (2 meters) and I think that I am a medium height but because he is super tall he makes me look short.

I remember always thinking about what attributes I am looking for in a man. It kind of sounds stupid but *tall* was on the top of my list.

So I guess God answered my prayers.

Having a super tall boyfriend comes with a lot of challenges.

My dream boyfriend

I remember the first time I saw my boyfriend who was a complete stranger (of course) at the time and we were conversing while sitting down. I didn’t realize how tall he was until we stood up and I thought to myself ” damn he tall” 

Walking with him that first day we met was a little bit awkward, I would say.

And the funniest part was our first kiss. I think I broke my neck that day ….


For our first picture together, the person taking the picture tried to move further back in order for my boyfriend to fit in the frame.

We have been together for a long time now. You would think that by this time I’ve gotten used to the fact that he’s tall. But when we walk side by side, his normal speed is equal to mine (x 2) . So it’s like I am always speed walking.

Side note: Don’t be mad at him he has made some adjustments by walking slower when we are together and I appreciate that.

Eating together It’s another story by itself.

Me trying to copy my boyfriend’s eating habits didn’t work out so well because I ended up gaining some weight.

Guys !! Of course I love the fact that my boyfriend is tall … there are ups and downs for sure but I learned to love them.

Now I can’t live without those perks. Teehee 

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