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Weight loss motivation on Instagram

In the previous article, we share a secret with you, on how to use Intermittent Fasting to our advantage for weight loss. You can lose up to 10 pounds in 14 days. 

Intermittent fasting is when you eat within a time interval and fast for a longer period of time.  It requires dedication and perseverance in order to sustain that lifestyle.  
My goal is not to discourage you. It is to unlock your potential.

Keep scrolling if you are looking for motivational pictures in order to stay on track of your health journey.

These amazing women shed weight by doing intermittent fast and some even added the Keto diet. We found the best inspirational Instagram accounts that will help you keep your eye on your goals.



Christin Owens is a YouTuber who shares her journey on her youtube. She has a weightloss Guide named A living Weight Loss testimony.





Glutton To Gorgeous is how she name herself on her instagram and Youtube. She attributes her weight loss to keto and intermittent fasting.






As her Youtube description indicates, she is on her journey to a better life and health.

























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🎉HAPPY 1 YEAR KETOVERSARY TO ME!! 🎉 🤎 On February 19, 2019 I said to myself, "Just try keto again for 3 months and see what happens." Fast forward a year and I've released 60 pounds from living a ketogenic lifestyle. I've released a TOTAL of 90 pounds. My highest DOCUMENTED weight is 327 pounds. I pretty much lived in the 320s the majority of my adult life🥴. I'm a little over 10 pounds away from reaching a 100 pounds loss!! Currently around 240 pounds. 🤎 . . Was I keto the whole 12 months? Nah, I took several months "off". Did I "cheat"? Yep, plenty of times. Did I exercise? Nope…nothing consistent. Could I have reached my goal within that 12 months if I had been more diligent with ketogenic living? Oh, 4sho. 🤎 . . Keto isn't a "diet" for me. It has become a way of life for me. Oh, and fasting. Cant forget fasting!! I like them both. They really are a perfect marriage. I prefer how I FEEL when I'm keto versus when I'm not keto. I'm thankful that I decided to try keto one mo' time. 🤎 . . I'm proud of my weight loss but I'm most proud of the steps I take and have taken to heal myself. Exploring myself…exploring childhood trauma…going within myself…exploring why I am the way that I am….why I react the way that I react…why I feel the way that I feel when certain situations arise…why I binge and emotionally eat…just exploring and learning myself. I'm proud of myself for taking intentional actions to foster more self love for myself. All of this is to benefit my higher self. I am thankful to have the opportunity to continue this journey. We are all living…..we must "take advantage of being alive". – Coolaide 💕 . 🥂 to more ketogenic living, more healing, more self love, more authentic living, and to more goal crushing!! Ase' 🙌🏾 🥂🎉 #ketoversary #keto #ketoforbeginners #ketomeals #ketotransformation #ketolife #intermittentfasting #intermittentfastingresults #OMAD #melanatedQueen #ImThankful

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Do you have any account that you follow and keeps you motivated? If yes, share one with us.

Drink water and stay healthy!

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