I know what you may think while reading this title, that I am crazy? Writing about this topic made me laugh, because it is an awkward and funny subject at the same time. Still, why not write about it? Quick disclaimer, though: This is intended for those who have been in a relationship for a long period of time. Of course, it cannot be just any relationship. Both partners need to feel comfortable enough to be themselves without the fear of being rejected. Passing gas is something natural that we all do. Doing so in front of your partner and not feeling ashamed by it, shows signs of a solid foundation based on sincerity and trust.

If you restrain yourself from farting, for an extended period of time, there may be consequences on your health. It can cause stomach pain, cramps, and even bloating. In no case, I am saying that you should intentionally do it. I am just saying that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in front of your beloved with whom you spend most of your time with. Just do it and you’ll laugh about it together and feel closer than ever.

At the beginning of every relationship, we all try to be on our best behavior. But after a while, it’s normal to quickly fall back into our old habits. It is harder for women to cross this step because even in public washrooms they are afraid to be heard by anyone.

For me, being able to fart in front of someone would imply that I am allowing the person to enter a different personal place. I would have to trust the person with my life (lol sounds crazy but true.) If I choose to show myself vulnerable in front of that someone, it means that our relationship has reached a stage where sincerity, trust, comfort and acceptance reign.

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