Luxury earring lifters lift your post earrings, giving it strong and secure support. You can use it even with large piercing holes, sagging stretched earlobes, or heavy earrings. Luxury earring lifters use the other side of your earlobe to help you keep the heaviest post earrings well lifted. There are made from a hypoallergenic sterling Silver/18k gold-plated sterling silver just so you can wear them with a certainty that they won’t irritate your ears.


  • Available in 1 of gold, 1 of silver
  • Luxury earring lifters, strongly secure and supports your earrings
  • Ideal for heavy earrings, large piercings holes, stretched lobes and protect your earlobe
  • Made of Sterling Silver or 18K Gold-plated sterling silver
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating and made to fit all type of earrings


We used to sell it on Amazon. Here are some honest customer reviews