OLIAH NATURALS: raw unrefined shea butter. Rich in active ingredients like fatty acid, vitamin A, D, E, C. Shea butter is a plant substance extracted from shea fruit, a tropical tree growing in East, West, and Central Africa. Shea butter is a valuable active ingredient in cosmetics, especially for the care of the skin and hair. It is known for its moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties. It is particularly ideal in winter. It is multi-use and can be used both to heal irritations in sensitive areas or to soften the hair. Directions for use: for a silky skin: massage until full penetration of small quantities on the areas to be treated or put a spoonful in hot water let melt before using it. To soften the hair: apply on hair as deep-conditioner treatment at bedtime after bathing, cover the head with a hat or scarf and let rest all night. Shampoo in the morning after waking and then combing. Other virtues: Fight against stretch marks as a preventive and curative treatment, it can be used as a gentle massage for aches or daily for the maintenance of the skin.