Let me start by saying that we should not compare our self or our life to anyone else. You may know some of your friends getting married this year, having kids and or planning on buying a house together. You may feel like you have not achieved anything yet.  It is not true! Let’s start this New Year with a positive spirit and you will see how everything will fall into place.

For my single readers

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You are single and you feel like you need to find that one mate that will make you happy and make you feel fulfilled?

Being alone doesn’t necessary means that you are lonely. This is the time for you to discover yourself in any way possible: spend time doing what you love and try new things. We never know you may expand your list of hobbies or passion. Focus on building yourself spiritually and/or physically to become your higher self.  You can worry about yourself and decide to be selfish for once but be careful, spend your time wisely. Learning new skills could be another advantage of having time on your hands.  Don’t rush into a relationship just for the sake of being in one. You should know how to make yourself happy and to then you will be able to properly enjoy the company of another.

For my in-relationship readers

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You are in a relationship and you feel the need to climb the ladder in the same pace as others? You feel bitter and think that your relationship may not be special if he has not proposed yet?

Enjoy the present moment and ask yourself if you are happy or not. We should not measure our happiness in the amount of gifts we receive or by the title we carry (fiancé, husband or wife.) It is true that the end goal is to be united and to found a family. It is essential for people to discuss their goal and expectations when they get into a relationship. Having a healthy relationship involves two fully grown human beings, who aren’t pressured into doing anything, who care about each other and enjoy time together.

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Either you are single or in a relationship, I just want to let you know that it’s really ok to go at your own pace. There’s no rush my friend, just enjoy yourself. The bottom line of this is to realize that we are living our life for us not for anyone else. We are bound to make mistakes on the way and learn from them. We should not be scared of what others may think of us but live our life to the fullest and have no regrets.



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