Long-distance relationship

Most of the people that I meet, tell me that they do not want any long distance relationship, as they believe it is doom to fail. It is indeed difficult for both partners to be apart for an extended period of time but I am one of the few people who believe that it is possible to make it work. It may vary on the situation in which you find yourself in, the type of connections you both have and the willingness for both parties to make it work.

My boyfriend of 5 years had to go abroad to pursue higher education and we will be apart for a whole year. At first, it did not seem like much but as more time goes by, I feel the hole getting bigger. We used to spend all our free time together and now, we do not have that luxury.

If you find yourself in the same situation, just know that you are not alone in this. Let me share with you some tips that are helping us make our long distance relationship work.

Talking on the phone everyday


Communication is a great asset and I feel like it is one of the positive outcome that long distance relationship brings.

Visiting each other


Since he is going to school, he does not have any real time off, I will be the one travelling during my time off at work. Last time that I went to visit him, I was so happy seeing him again in front of me after so long, 4months to be exact. Us, been together again was like fireworks, rainbows and butterflies everywhere. That is the best ethical way I can describe it.

Keep the flames burning by sending seductive and flirtatious text or contents to each other   


It does not automatically means that you have to send nudes to each other on snapchat. Feel free to do so if that is what fulfills that e excitement in the relation. In my opinion, nothing brings that passion more like teasing texts filled with sexual provocative descriptions. Feel free to share your preferences and suggestions on ways to spice things when you are miles away.

These are some interesting points that we are naturally implementing in our one year journey apart from each other. There are many more ingredients used in the sauce to make this experience as enjoyable as we can. For those in the same situation, I invite you to share one of your tips or tricks.

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