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DevaCurl’s customers are complaining of hair loss and scalp inflammation.

Devacurl has been under some heat for a few months now. In all social platforms, a controversy came into light regarding the effects of Devacurl’s products on people’s hair.

A lot of customers shared concerns online on how their curls are not the same because of Devacurl’s products.

Devacurl scandal customer complains 1

In this post, one customer complains about her curly patterns after using Devacurl

Devacurls customer complains 2

@thecurlninja shares her Facebook group member’ before and after pictures

Is DEVACURL getting cancelled?

Devacurl made a statement to clarify all the concerns people have about the safety of their products.

” We have conducted additional testing at the manufacturer and warehouse level. In addition, we worked with an independent third-party toxicologist to verify the safety of these formulas. All these tests verified there are no safety issues with our products.”

Should we believe them? Why are they so many people complaining about their products? Is it falsified just to hurt the brand? Are they mistaking the cause of their hair issues? Do they have ulterior motives? Why not stop when a product is not working for you?

We cannot stop asking ourselves those questions. We are not sure of the veracity of their claims, but a good saying tells us that there is no smoke without fire.

Those unhappy customers show some before and after pictures to compare what happened to them after including Devacurl in their hair care routine. The situation goes from mild to worst, from loss of curl definition to hair loss. Some are noticing dandruff apparition and experiencing itchy scalp.

It looks as if everyone is now jumping on the complaining wagon supporting their claims with pictures and videos.

Many YouTubers came out to share their own experiences with the brand. Ayesha Malik was one of Devacurl’s ambassadors and she was using their product for 6 years.

Youtuber’s experience

Video Transcript- Why I stopped using Devacurl
This is my official statement if you’ve bought diva curl products because of me. I am sorry and if you’re currently using these products stop immediately. Yes, I do not recommend them not on your hair! Not on your friend’s hair! Do not give these products to them! Do not donate them to a women’s shelter. I do not recommend these products on anyone’s hair.
This video is coming to you very late. I wish I made this video a year ago but I was in disbelief. And I was lying to myself, therefore, I was lying to all of you silence makes me complicit. That’s why I’m coming out with this video and making a statement because there’s a lot of people who are suffering right now and it hurts to see these before and after photos.
In the past, I kind of was this ambassador for diva curl and it’s a really big company a multi-million dollar company. I believe it is a 300 million dollar company so I talked to a lawyer and asked if this would be liable.
Apparently, it wouldn’t be because you can’t get sued for telling the truth. So here’s the truth: I use diva curl every single day for six years I used it religiously I didn’t use anything but diva curl.
You guys used to be so mad at me and how much I was pushing these products because you thought I was doing it for a paycheck. If I was doing it for the money I would have never promoted diva curl in the first place.
Part 2
There are other companies brands that pay significantly more astronomically more than this company but I did so because I was tired.
I have been on my curly journey since I was 13 and after a decade of using this and using that. Also, I found this line. I was like I’m set finally I found my soulmate.
I’m ready to settle down so that’s why 95% of the time whenever I was talking about diva curl it was for free I did it. Free of charge !! They didn’t pay me.
My hair slowly started to look like this. I thought I was one bad hair day then it was two bad hair days then three bad hair days. It came to the point where I never saw a good hair day ever again except for today. This is the first good hair day that I’ve had in a solid year and it took me a long time to get to this point.
My hair used to look fake. It was so perfect it was so healthy that people thought I used a curling iron so even though my hair looks good right now, it still doesn’t look like how it used to.
They look like I sort of straighten them out like I got a mild relaxer for the first time in my life I experienced dandruff.
I have never got dandruff in my life and out of nowhere it was like it was snowing every day.
Part 3
My scalp was itching like crazy, it was on fire. Some days, I didn’t know what it was so I used deeper curl I put more diva curl on the problem thinking it would fix it not knowing that the problem was diva curl all along.
My routine didn’t change for six years I was doing the same two routines for six years every week my wash day looked the same products, same techniques, same drying process, same diva microfiber towel, same diva hairdryer.
I didn’t change anything so I asked myself what could it be? It’s obviously me it cannot be my beloved diva girl they could do no wrong.
Am I going through a hormonal change?  No! Am I deeply depressed? Happiest I’ve ever been!
Maybe I’m not drinking enough water. I drink about a gallon a day. Food, diet, exercise? No couldn’t be that because I’m a very health-conscious person constantly going to the gym, only eating organic real food. Dirty hard water? I live in Alaska our tap water is pristine, okay. Maybe alopecia runs in my family? Definitely, not the case every single person in my fam has good hair. It’s just part of our genetics. This is virgin hair no color ever applied no bleach, no heat.
Part 4
I haven’t even looked at a hair straightener for three years. It’s been so long I can’t even remember when was the last time I straightened my hair. I believe it was three and a half years ago. Um! So what could it be? hmm! What could be the answer? It lies in this box. I don’t know which product it is. I don’t know if it’s all these products but the answer is because of this.
Back in college, I spent all my money on these products.  They’re not cheap. They’re really expensive so as a college student, I spent all my extra money on this because I thought I was buying quality products, quality ingredients because that’s all I want in my hair just quality good stuff but something happened … something changed. I don’t know what happened I don’t claim to know the answer of what happened but something happened.
April 2018 I’m in Los Angeles, who’s cutting my hair? The Curl doctor! He’s the number one curl expert in the world anyone in Hollywood who has curly hair, this guy has cut their hair. His salon is incredible so he’s cutting my hair and he goes.
Why do you use diva curl?
Because they have the best products in the industry.
He asked very quietly: what makes you say that?
Because this is the best my hair has ever looked.
Part 5
I don’t know he could tell by the confusion on my face that I wasn’t ready for this conversation. He alluded that these products weren’t making my hair look this way that I was giving way too many props to this brand that I was the one who cut off all the damage. My weekly deep conditioning treatments became a ritual. I was the one who wasn’t using external factors like heat color bleach, things that would weaken my cuticle. I was staying far away from those.
It was me who maintained the health of my hair. He let me know that I could have used anything in my hair would have turned out like ringlets because that’s just my natural pattern. Then, he brought up the think dirty app. He told me to type in diva curl and then that’s it. He changed the subject.
Shy, if you’re watching this right now I feel so incredibly stupid because I did download the app. Guess what? I found out that these products that I was using day in and day out for years are incredibly dirty.
When you type in a product on this app, you want all of this to be green, not orange and definitely not red.
So I bet you have a lot of questions for me like spice show when did you start noticing the damage? I would say July 2018 but I did a diva called meet-and-greet in New York City. Being on this diva hype. They also came out with a new product that day it was a regular ask curl cream but had coconut oil in it so that blinded me and I was like ooh coconut oil that’s so healthy my hair loves coconut oil.
Part 6
I can’t wait their marketing is absolutely amazing. They’re similar to like sneaker drops you can objectively look at the shoe and go that’s a really ugly shoe but because of the name, the hype and the marketing you start to add value to it.
What’s the first signs of damage? Your hair looks frizzy while wet.
My hair never used to look like that. When my hair was wet, it was just like perfect ringlets and I could count them now they’re just they look dry even though they’re sopping wet.
I used to wash my hair every five days and this was the hair fall I would find in the shower. Now I have to wash my hair every three days and this is how much hair I was losing every three days.
Okay but Aishah on IG stories you are constantly unboxing new hair products from brands. How do we know it wasn’t one of those products that made you lose your hair or straighten out your curls? Um!
Part 7
I only used about 15% of those products that I used to receive for free. That was because I would read the label, read the ingredients and if they didn’t reach my high standards they never touched my hair. So those 15% they were super clean super organic I never promoted them because again I was like in this super safe relationship. All those clean organic products that I was receiving, I’m now using them all and I’m experimenting and trying to find the perfect hair routine.
Today is the best hair day I’ve had in a year because of those safe healthy organic products. I already know what the biggest question will be.
Aisha all these other Devacurl influencers, Devacurl ambassadors, they haven’t said anything and their hair seems fine-ish.
Well, there’s a big difference between me and your favorite hair influencer. They’re using lots of different products all the time. They do collabs with all these different brands all the time so that means they’re not using Devacurl a hundred percent of the time. Not me, unfortunately, I’ve only been using Devacurl for the past six years so I’m like a lab-tested guinea pig.
Part 8
I’m so sorry if this is so off-putting, the way I’m talking I thought I was gonna be cool calm and collected because I spent so many months telling myself to get in front of the camera and talk to you guys. But I can’t be calm about this.
At the beginning of 2019, I was getting some really sad DMS women sending photos of their hair to me. All these women look like they got struck by lightning but worse because they had bald spots or their middle part was so thick it just looked like one long bald spot. People who are getting like mini bangs for the first time in my life I have baby hairs. I’ve never had baby hair before.
Um! These women would say to me you told me to get Devacurl so I did and how to look at me. I would send a photo right back of where I was at that moment you like a girl. Why do we have the exact same curl pattern like you are a completely different ethnicity than me? Our hair looks like we both got mild relaxers done. I’m not going to show the photos here but please join this Facebook group. I quietly joined I didn’t say anything at first. I did in Clement I was just there to observe hoping that these are just isolated cases there over 4,000 people in this group and everyone’s hair looks exactly the same.
Part 9
There have been some photos in that group that has brought me to tears because I could just feel the pain for these women. Women who didn’t have a lot of hair, to begin with, they’re they look like they went through radiation like an atomic bomb was dropped in their hometown.
Apparently, there’s an investigation going on for a lawsuit. They believe the products particularly the no poop products may lead to hair loss and damage as well as other injuries to the hair and scalp. I’m going to post a link below click on it and share your Deva cross story with them.
They want to see your before and after photos so I’d know five months ago. I went viral and I don’t want to talk about why but a lot of you saw this video and added me in the comments section or sent me a link of the video. Is this you? This kind of looks like you but not really or oh my god that’s paisa her hair looks different.
I stopped using Devacurl completely about eight months ago but on August 9th,  2019. I had to use Devacurl one last time because I was flying to LA for beauty con LA and I forgot all my hair products because I’m dumb. So my friend let me borrow her products which were all Devacurl and so I thought you know it’s just one day one night what’s the worst that could happen.
Part 10
So about an hour after this whole thing happened, I was backstage and I got to meet Kelly Rowland. Being a really big Destiny’s Child fan this was a really happy day for me. um! I never posted this photo because I hate my hair I can literally count my curls. I’ve never been able to count my curls in a sea of frizz.
It’s upsetting because I woke up at 5 a.m. that day to look my absolute best to make sure I was gonna look good all day long but after nine hours my hair just turned into something else. My first-day hair now lasts about nine hours meaning day one hair 9 hours, not 24 hours nine hours the nice photos you see on my Instagram that’s the first nine hours of me hopping out of the shower before.
In the past, I used to post day two day three sometimes day four hair because of those days my hair looks better than day one hair that’s not the case anymore. I can’t do that I want to show you what I’m talking about I stepped out of the shower about an hour ago. This is our one hair I’ll come back in eight hours and show you my new day one hair. Don’t know what to say. um!
Today’s my day off I haven’t done anything all day didn’t take a nap didn’t walk the dog didn’t leave the house didn’t go to the gym. I wore an I worry satin scarf all day long just to give Devacurl.
Part 11

The upper hand here and this is it looks like I took a brush and brushed out all my curls but I didn’t touch them. I wish that was the case but no this is exactly what happens. If I barely move, if I don’t do anything, if I just exist my hair eventually does this on the first day.

Sorry, I can’t look at the camera right now. This is … I’m surprised I’m even doing this the fact that I’m like. I’ve spent thousands of hours taking care of the health of my hair only for it to be stripped away from me just like that. So I’m really mad and I don’t know what else to do except for literally shave my whole head these products are really expensive. When you pay the money for them you expect high quality and that’s why I feel like. I’ve just been I feel like I’ve been lied to.
A couple of months ago Deva girl sent me these there are wavy hair products meant for wavy hair and honestly, it felt like a sick joke.
For years they’ve been sending me products for curly hair they know that I am supposed to have curly hair but I don’t anymore. I don’t know if they did this on purpose but it honestly felt like they were rubbing salt in my wound and I didn’t appreciate it at all.
Part 12
I’ve been trying to make this video for so long you have no idea. Can’t even look at myself you can’t even look at myself right now it’s just… uh! I have way more to say way more to show you screenshots receipts next time you do see me it’ll be my new fourth-day hair. So if you think this is bad just wait and see alright stay tuned.

Video’s summary:

Basically, Ayesa is sharing her experience with Devacurl through the lens of a customer and a brand ambassador. She said she was using Devacurl’s products religiously for 6 years. In the beginning, it was a free promotion she was doing to her followers since she genuinely believed it was a good product for her. After she became a paid ambassador for the company, it blinded her judgment.

At first, she did not associate her hair’s condition to the products she was using. She thought it was just a bad hair day. Then it became too much consecutive bad hair days. Her subscribers were complaining to her about the product she was recommending them. Even though her curls were not as luscious as before she continued using it and went to a Hollywood hairstylist named the Curl Dr. The professional hairdresser advised her to check the product in the Think Dirty app to see if the brand was worthy of her appreciation.

She was shocked and upset to find out that she invested in a product line that is not necessarily healthy. Hence, not the best fit for her. Telling us that she is only using organics products now to bring her curls back to life.

She is not the only one who turned her coat to the company.

Stephanie Mero campaign

Stephanie Mero started her campaign against Devacurl. Apparently, she was also a victim of Devacurl and an ex-Devacurl Stylist. She stopped and created a Facebook group for victims of hair and scalp issues due to Devacurl products with a total of 35000 adhering members. Many women share their photos to support each other and to compare their situations.


Stephanie shares videos on Youtube to spread the word and post unsatisfactory customers’ pictures on her IG page @thecurlninja.  She is speculating that besides the ingredient not being safe, Devacurl’s packaging might also be one of the causes of all those hair disasters. Depending on how the product is being stored, the heated plastic releases something into the formula that has these effects on the hair and scalp, she said.

This polemic around the brand Devacurl has people questioning all the products they have previously purchased. Some people are coming for other companies too, like the Cantu line.

Have you previously used Devacurl’s product? If yes, share your experience in the comment. We are curious to know.

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