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Natural hair horror story edition

Hair experiences that could have been avoided. No one learns without falling

Compilation of shared stories:

We can say that all of us, at some point in our lives, had the worst experience with our natural hair. Some are probably funnier than others, but others are less fun. Depending on the consequences that these experiences have left behind.
These ladies had the courage to share some of their natural hair horror stories. 

1. The chemical experiment, by Fatou

“I used diluted hydrogen peroxide to dye my hair. I ended up with copper blonde hair. It was horrible, trust me. ”

2. Experimentation, by Cheyenne

“When I was young while shampooing, I put gum in my hair to see if it could stick. It did…”

3. Fondue, by Margo

“I had been single for 2 years and a friend was about to braid my hair. Shortly after sitting down for the hairstyle, she found melted chocolate in my hair. I had eaten chocolate cookies the day before. She found it very funny. “

4. A mixture of dye and relaxer, by Emilie

“I once used a hair relaxer kit and a home bleaching kit … the same day. I’m very lucky to still have hair on my head, even if it was orange and brittle.”

5. Razor as a solution, by Noémie

“In my attempts to learn how to maintain my natural hair, I came across a lot of hairstyles that I wanted to try. At first glance, it didn’t look good for MY hair but I wanted to try. I did not know that the model in the picture probably used bobby pins and/or a very good gel. The model’s side part was so neat and the hairstyle flat and curly. Since it didn’t totally look like the girl’s hairstyle in the picture, I took my brothers’ clipper and shaved part of my head. Dumbest idea. Never again!!”

6. Blond or Orange that is the question, by Stéphanie

“I tried to bleach my dark hair blond by myself, and it gave a horrible orange color.”

7. No more relaxer, by Ngo

“Relaxer damaged my hair, so I stopped and went back to my natural state. Now my hair is better and I’m taking better care of it. ”

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8. I had lice, by Gabrielle

“In elementary school, I got lice in my hair and I was so ashamed of it. I didn’t say anything to anyone … They ended up growing, to the point that I could see them. One day, I search the web for a way to get rid of these disgusting critters. I then discovered that by putting mayo in my hair, they will die. So I did it, but I didn’t wash my hair well. The next day my hair was still oily and it was still itching. I couldn’t bear it so I shaved my hair on the sides, the parts that irritated me the most. Like magic, I got rid of it. Maybe, they had taken refuge in these regions. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents that you have lice! ”

Share with us your worst hair story that you’ve experienced?